How much is too much of a Tip

It is often easy to see when you have been too cheap with a tip, but it can be more of a challenge to ascertain when you have paid too much.  Of course, there may be no exact definition for this, since some people have the funds and like to tip big.  However, the following […]

Great British Beer Festival

A beer festival is a celebration of beer. A great beer festival is so much more – it’s about ambiance, music, good company and a fantastic venue. Combine these elements in the right way and, in the same way a master brewer creates a good beer, it’s possible to turn a gathering of drinkers into […]

Difference between Frosting and Icing

For the novice baker, sailing through the murky waters of the terms is a huge task. Mix or beat, fold or stir, these are all confusions that arise from time to time. One major cause of confusion is what is frosting and what is icing? And no, it’s not a British-American English thing, these are […]

Gingerbread House Decorations

Creating a gingerbread house is a lot of fun!  But the best part about it is decorating it with all sorts of delicious-looking candy.  If you’re having trouble thinking of materials to use in decorating your gingerbread house, try some of these delicious ideas! [1.] Gumdrops There’s a good reason that gumdrops are common gingerbread […]

Delicious and Nutritious Seafood Sandwich

There is just something about adding shrimp to a dish that turns ordinary into extravagant. The addition of shrimp into a salad takes this basic summertime fare and turns it into a rich and exciting meal. Perhaps it is because we view a large number of seafood products as delicacies and shrimp just happens to […]

Monster Energy Drink

You all must agree with me on this one, Monster energy Drinks are by far the best energy drinks out there. First of all, the insane logo and artwork orientated with Monster energy drinks, I have yet to see another drink come up with such a sick logo and amazing artwork. Another prospect is the […]

Czechoslovakian Kolache Cookies

 I had to come up with an unusual dish to bring to the annual Christmas party my cousin was hosting. Since we used many of the same family recipes, I had to come up with something she had never tried. My husband described a Czechoslovakian cookie his family made when he was a child and suggested I call his sister for […]