How to Create a Great Wine List

Creating a great wine list, is a little like creating a guest list for a party.  You would like them to have some things in common, the ability to get along with each other and be comfortable with their surroundings. In a commercial context, a wine list should be created to match with the cuisine […]

How to Brew Beer at Home

Brewing beer at home is a wonderful way to enjoy the best beer without spending a fortune. Since you are the brew-master you determine the style and quality of the beer. You are going to need some equipment. Most areas have a store that sells beer making equipment. If you don’t happen to have one […]

Do you Prefer Budweiser or Coors

When I was a lad my first foray into a bar led to an embarrassing realization, art does not imitate life. The movies and television programs I watched for 20+ years leading up to the moment of ordering my first beer were not yet wise to the whole product placement concept. Thusly, my first ordering […]

Recipes Greek Salad

Need something to brighten up a dull day and remind you of the summer? What could be better than a Greek salad. Packed with summer vegetables, its healthy, tasty and sure to bring back those holiday memories. Ingredients: 1 cucumber. 1 green or red pepper, sliced3 or 4 ripe, red tomatoes.1 small red onionKalamata olives […]

How to Make Infused Oils

There is nothing whatsoever complicated about the process of learning how to make infused oils. The major drawback in the practise is the length of time which the oils take to become infused with the relevant flavour or flavours. There is no way to effectively speed up this process and the time taken for the […]

Holiday Weight Gain

We take it that you do not belong to the group of obese people who, whatever their history and efforts will find it very difficult to loose pounds to make them look slimmer upon their return after their holidays. Rather you belong to the category of standard people with however a little quantity of fat […]

Cocktails Liquor

Fruity Summer Cocktails with a July 4th Twist With so many alcoholic beverages to choose from, how do you choose? Here are some fruity choices using various alcohols and then additional ideas for dressing up your drinks for July 4th. For reference and more drink recipes, please see For a simple and light treat, […]