How to Make Whiskey

Bourbon:  Our American Friend When the offer for free land on the frontiers of Kentucky went up, the Scotch and Irish settlers in the heavily populated Northern colonies brought their stills, and their skills with distillation, to the South. When they shipped their spirits downriver to New Orleans for trade, they stamped their barrels with […]

How to Decorate Christmas Cookies

The “Christmas” cookie may not be much different than cookies that are made throughout the year, but for some reason they just “feel” different. Many Christmas parties over the years have included times of cookie decorating. Perhaps it is the festiveness of the season, or perhaps it is because of memories from past Christmases. In […]

Grilling Tips for Vegetarians

Depending on what part of the world you live in, the summer season brings forth many things. If you live on the east coast, the worst summer can and will bring will be hurricanes, drought, and brush fires. With all the bad things, let alone natural disasters aside, there are good things to look forward […]

Deep Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is delicious. But it can be deadly to the waistline and the heart too. This version of deep fried chicken wings is more virtuous. Although the chicken is fried, the breadcrumb coating cuts down on some of the calories. There’s no loss of crispiness. And as a plus, there is the delicious addition […]

Deer Roast

I killed my first deer two years ago and found myself in possession of a very large quantity of venison. Being the creative type, I decided to do something different with the roast than the usual “stick it in a pot and boil it” routine. Having recently discovered German cuisine just before that, I decided […]

How to Make Turkish Coffee

The Turks first learned about the coffee when the Ottoman Empire invaded Somalia in 17th Century. The officers of Ottoman Empire saw the local Somalian people cooking coffee on the coal fire. As they tasted the coffee, they fall in love with the taste. They decided to bring some coffee to the capital Istanbul. As […]

Cold Cucumber Soup

Cold Cucumber Soup This is a very tasty and delicious soup that is perfect for serving during the hot summer months. It is a dish that the whole family can enjoy. This is a very easy to make recipe. It is excellent for serving at lunch or dinner. It will store easily in the fridge […]

Cooking History of Muffins

The muffin started out as a small flat griddle cake and was eaten as a substitute to cornbread. The modern muffin is sweeter, looks like a cupcake and is has many other additions made to it. It was widely popular as a breakfast item because it was quick to assemble. Due to the fact that […]

Coffee Drinking in Italy

In Naples, the people have dedicated more than one song in their dialect to the art and joy of drinking coffee. In seven years, I have met maybe five Italians who didn’t like or drink coffee. I have never sat down to an Italian dinner that did not finish with coffee being at least offered. […]

How to Bake Thick Cookies

Some people like their cookies thin, while others like their cookies thick. Whatever your preference, making thick or thin cookies is a breeze. You may think that thick cookies are more difficult to make because they will take longer to cook, but thick cookies actually have a few advantages over thin ones. Thick cookies can […]