How to Choose a Grocery Store

If I could design and build my own grocery store, it would be a drive-through establishment. A heavy-duty cart would be magnetized to cling to the side of my vehicle as I drove past Check Point One. A pleasant, handsome, young man would hand me a pole with a hook on the end as I […]

How to Create a Great Wine List

Creating a great wine list, is a little like creating a guest list for a party.  You would like them to have some things in common, the ability to get along with each other and be comfortable with their surroundings. In a commercial context, a wine list should be created to match with the cuisine […]

Difference between Rum and Whiskey

Rum and whiskey are two totally different taste experiences, each with their devotees and detractors. In both cases, the name can cover a multitude of sins as well as advertising a wonderful drink. I’ve had whiskey so smooth it slips down like a dream and you’d never know you were drinking a spirit, and I’ve […]

How to Brew Beer at Home

Brewing beer at home is a wonderful way to enjoy the best beer without spending a fortune. Since you are the brew-master you determine the style and quality of the beer. You are going to need some equipment. Most areas have a store that sells beer making equipment. If you don’t happen to have one […]


This recepie for Chocolate Self-Saucing Cake was given to me by a friend in Australia, and it is absolutely delicious – I’m a chocoholic, trust me  – and really easy to make. I’m a little lazy when it comes to baking but this was very simple and quick. You will need:For the Cake1/2 cup of […]

Do you Prefer Budweiser or Coors

When I was a lad my first foray into a bar led to an embarrassing realization, art does not imitate life. The movies and television programs I watched for 20+ years leading up to the moment of ordering my first beer were not yet wise to the whole product placement concept. Thusly, my first ordering […]

How much is too much of a Tip

It is often easy to see when you have been too cheap with a tip, but it can be more of a challenge to ascertain when you have paid too much.  Of course, there may be no exact definition for this, since some people have the funds and like to tip big.  However, the following […]