Slimquick: Does it work for you

I tried Slimquick as I have been dieting to lose a few pounds. I had already lost several pounds by counting calories, but had stopped losing (as I had gotten a bit slack with the counting). I had been fascinated by the cleanse products since I have trouble in that area some. By eating less I have cut out some of the foods that help, but more of the foods that create difficulties, particularly meat. I started taking this product correctly, but for some reason ended up only taking half doses. So I was taking two pills twice daily instead of four pills. I didn’t have any of the problems people mention, but I didn’t get the full cleanse effect either. I realized I had made a mistake and began taking the full dose until the pills were through. This seemed to have worked well for me. I lost three or four pounds and didn’t have any bad side effects. I think I will do another course of this in a few months. I think I will start with half a dose for a few days then go to the full dose. That is how Slim Quick structures their regular diet pills and it worked well for me the first time through. I was doing the sensible way of dieting, only trying to lose about 10 percent of my body weight. After losing about 5 percent I stalled. This product and Slim Quick diet pills got me back on track and I only have a few more pounds to lose.

You may be confused that this question “does it work for me” and are there any Slimquick side effects? Now you can look through other reviews for this product, here they are:

“I have taken this cleanser once before. I didn’t finish the whole bottle but it did what I wanted it to do and that was cleanse. But reading others reviews I will say to anyone who is thinking about trying slimquick everyone is going to have different side effects I had no problems other then going to the restroom a lot. I say give it a try but if you start to feel bad within the first day try something else. Just remember with any thing you take like this your taking a chance so good luck and don’t be scared just read the warnings and directions carefully.”

By: Victoria — 09/09/2009 6:20 am

“i liked it. i did it last month. i used the bathroom 6/7 days. i lost a few lbs. i did not follow the diet or exercise, just drank lots of water. i believed it did clean me out. and im starting my second cleanse tomorrow. i plan on using it once a month.”

By: Kelly — 09/16/2009 6:57 pm

“ok…so i went up two sizes bigger on my pants since i had a kid 4 years ago i was a 3 now im a 7…i ran i had a diet but having a hectic life doesn’t make it easier…..i just don’t know want to do any more…i am hoping that this products works since its specialized for woman….i bought the cleanser and the dietary pills…..i start my cleansing on Monday and ill see how that goes…….”

By: maria — 09/18/2009 12:42 pm

“I took this and it worked just as the bottle stated. I knew I would have to be near a bathroom more than normal, and I knew that I might not lose weight (as this is not a weight loss program), I lost many toxins in my body. I plan on starting it up again, it has been a couple of months. I think the only difference this time is I will be joining a gym and changing my diet a little more (I did last time but not alot/enough) I think it is what it claims to be, and it worked for me. Remember when you take this it is mandatory to drink enough water for it to work properly. I actually up the water intake a little (I only drank water.) You also have to be careful if you are taking medication (TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR) if you are on anything, I did. My doctor told me what else to look for since I am taking meds, and I had no problems. Make sure you read and follow the directions and the warning about talking to your Dr., I did and it worked fine for me. ~Karen”

By: Karen — 09/19/2009 3:29 pm